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Adam Hill


Lamma Island, Hong Kong

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As someone who benefits from social media every day, it saddens me that it is misused by so many and is causing huge problems in secondary schools. At thirteen and above, students can legally use most social media platforms despite the fact that, in many cases, they have no guidance or supervision. As a consequence, it is having detrimental effects. Common issues include cyberbullying, anxiety, depression, addiction and reduced self-esteem. This serious problem is also recognised by health professionals. The NHS recently launched 'Scroll-free September' to highlight the concerns. This is a massive issue that educators (in partnership with parents) urgently need to address. Even people who dislike social media can agree with me on two important points: social media is potentially dangerous AND will inevitably be part of students' lives. It's crucial that we overcome these issues so that students can use it responsibly and enjoy the benefits.

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