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Aaron Alcodray


Tokyo, Japan

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As mentioned previously, it’s of the utmost importance that students are provided opportunities to connect their learning to authentic audiences in authentic ways. Students need opportunities to: build skills for self-efficacy; inquire into real-world challenges and opportunities; synthesize interdisciplinary skills and competencies through project-based learning, design thinking, and performance assessments that are relevant to student interests; and connect with mentors who will potentiate student passions. The challenge, however, lies in the nature of the beast: the real world is a big place. Accessibility and availability to real-world communities, as well as the catalysts who would be willing to guide students in their journey, is an issue. This is compounded by local constraints, such as language barriers in the case of Japan. Furthermore, schools have an obligation to ensure that commitments to child safeguarding are being upheld. These challenges are big, but the benefit to designing a solution is much bigger!

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