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Headshot Young Girl

덕진 장



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The problem with education now is that new technologies have been able to create famous and talented star teachers, but with all teachers there is no overall improvement. In Korea, teachers are divided into the top and the rest of the class, and the middle class is disappearing, especially when it comes to new technologies such as computer science education, despite the need to target all students. In particular, unlike elementary school teachers who teach all subjects in Korean education, secondary school teachers teach their own major subjects. Therefore, technologies such as computer science and artificial intelligence education are considered only in the field of information teachers, making it difficult for ordinary teachers to access at the education office level, and most educators do not know how to learn. As a result, good teachers become infinitely good, and the rest of the ordinary teachers become lethargic and do not think about following. In other words, the biggest problem is that a new era and technology are approaching, but the general transition to education is not taking place.

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