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The Incremental Drip


Kelly Orvick



School Administrators


United States

Transformation Element:


From one education leader who shares the feelings of many, "I spend too much time paper pushing and not enough time with my people and students in order to make sustainable change." Leaders of EDU are hitting an all-time high of frustration and burnout. Many are feeling overwhelmed, unsupported, and unable to "do it all". New tools and practices are emerging at lightening speeds with a price that exceeds most public education budgets. Though many of our teachers are capitalizing on the affordable, creative and collaborative power of Google Workspace for Education, our district leaders often are not. It's time leaders do too. The Incremental Drip is a training platform/blog that is specifically written with the busy education leader in mind. Effective leaders connect with their communities and capitalize on their time. Google Workspace for Education provides a perfect, budget-friendly, set of tools to do just that. The Incremental Drip will offer courses centered around leadership practices as well as a blog discussing quick tips and latest trends for leaders. Each course will be made up of bite-sized lessons that will be a just right fit for the busy leaders schedule. One day when all grown up, The Incremental Drip will have a podcast as well as guest course and blog writers; all authors being leaders supporting leaders growing an even greater community of support.

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