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The Citizenship Project


Hue-An Wren



Classroom Teachers


United States

Transformation Element:


Within the past 5 years, our district has reached a 1:2 ratio of devices to students. That means that our students are working in an online and digital space often, if not every day. With so many devices deployed and the gateway to the Internet opened, who is teaching our students responsible and safe digital practices? Who is teaching our students what they can and should do with their online presence? We look to websites with lessons and resources, but we rarely have the class time to implement these lessons often enough to make a difference. The Citizenship Project can be your new resource. This website aims to crowdsource many of the lesson ideas that teachers are using to embed Digital Citizenship topics into what they are already doing. Look at the resources and take what you need. Have a great idea? Contribute it to the bank so that we can all learn from each other.

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