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Student Digital Leadership Playbook


Jennifer Casa-Todd






Transformation Element:

Technology, Learning Approach

There is a huge inequity right now in terms of how students are taught to leverage technology (especially social media) in positive ways and yet, we need students to lead and shine online, now more than ever before.

The Student Digital Leadership Playbook is designed for students (13+) to use independently as a reach-ahead activity or guided by a teacher. There are links within the playbook to a few of the Google Applied Digital Skills activities. It was created by teacher-librarian and author, Jennifer Casa-Todd with content created by a few student leaders.

The SDL playbook is organized around a LEAD framework:
L: Student digital leaders learn and share learning;
E: Student digital leaders are empathetic and engage in multiple perspectives when posting online;
A: Student digital leaders are aware (of their digital footprint, don't fall for fake, and give credit);
D: Student digital leaders are role models for others and make the world a better place, in person and online.

The SDL Playbook may help supplement some of the current digital citizenship lessons that tell kids what NOT to do, and instead help students with what they CAN do to shine online.

My focus group consisted of 4 adults and 10 students. I received considerable feedback and used it to tweak the project. The feedback was immensely positive. Students found the content to be relevant (91%) with a good variety of activities (88%). It took participants about 3 to 4 hours to complete in its entirety. I will continue to refine the project as more students complete the playbook.

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