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Robomap EDU


Alberto Gilsanz Mir



School Administrators




Transformation Element:


Robomap EDU is an innovation project that consists of creating a guide and roadmap for the evolution of educational robotics in primary and secondary schools. The core of the project is Robomapper, a tool that will facilitate the search and selection of programming and robotics platforms suitable for Primary and Secondary, based on search criteria. There are many more, but this is the selection of those we have considered most suitable for school use. For each "robomaped" platform we will include at least 3 contents: an introduction to the platform, a collection of challenges to start and projects for the classroom. Robomap EDU is a collective mapping project. Through the "Propose a resource" form you can participate in the project, sending new resources for programming or proposing a new platform. All platforms included in the catalog can be programmed from the universal desktop, a modern Internet browser such as Google Chrome. In this way, you can program, compile and transfer the program in the cloud regardless of the operating system you use. It will work with Windows, Mac OS, GNU / Linux or ChromeOS. Android and iOS tablets cannot run a conventional desktop browser, so, in general you will depend on the existence of a specific application to make it work.

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