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Reframing Family Engagement


Christia Osborn-Preston



School Administrators


United States

Transformation Element:


I am tackling the challenge of how to reframe family engagement to remove all barriers to engagement and bring families into the school community. Schools should strive to meet families where they are and work toward family engagement that is relevant, social, and interactive. Family2School is a website with crowdsourced and curated ideas, resources, and exemplars of innovative family engagement to inspire and challenge you to transform engagement for the students and families you serve. On this site you will also find SchoolHQ, a mobile app to digitize and gamify the flow of information for families. SchoolHQ offers the opportunity to communicate with families from the school administration level. Because it was created using the Glide app platform, any school can download the app template to host, manage, and customize the app for their community, no coding required. We are transforming classrooms to be student-centered. We should transform schools to be family-centered!

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