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Federico Centeno



School Administrators



Transformation Element:


Using Google Workspace for Education and various add-ons I decided to build and online training center where teachers could prepare themselves to take the Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam. I established a learning routine or pathway where teachers could asses their previous knowledge, learn from videos, complete challenges and participate in weekly webinars. The last and perhaps most important aspect of each module was having teachers implement what they learned in their classrooms. After completing each module they were encouraged to go and implement it in their class and share with me a reflection. Their reflection allowed me to have an insight of their experience and provide feedback. Some asked me for support and guidance before implementing while others bit the bullet and went for it. Online webinars served two purposes, clear doubts and questions that arose during the week or share new updates to Google Workspace for Education. After answering questions for a few weeks I started creating the webinars around different tools and their pedagogical use, for example: , or Google Workspace for Education and SAMR. Later, I started inviting teachers who wanted to share their implementation experiences (EDU experiences On Air), these were Show and Tell / Q&A sessions. These sessions motivated people to try new things and look forward to be on the show. Since most work was being done asynchronously, webinars also allowed me to connect with users in real time.

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