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Playful PD


Kristin Welch



School Administrators



Transformation Element:


My Google Innovator project examines the questions: What is play for you? How does play help us be more productive and get unstuck? How might playful professional development help personally and professionally? I'm exploring how 'we' might play more, or value play for play's sake more. If we did so, would it then trickle down into our classrooms, our homes, and our communities? Play is different for each person. My project website,, is a resource for facilitators or personal learning networks to find ideas and things they can integrate into their learning to make meetings and professional learning more playful and fun. When have meetings we come together. We have a chance to experience 'collective joy' or group play. I want to find ways for people to share any ideas about time they've experienced collective joy. I have a stand alone blog ( that will include stories of something someone has facilitated and share the memory, feelings, and happiness experienced through play that still lingers with them or related games or activities they recommend can then be linked to the website. Time and time again my 'play' research led me 'the optimal state of flow' that is often achieved when a person is doing an activity that has a good amount of challenge, matched with their skill level, and they become autotelic. I say playfulPD is the beginning because: it is a beginning and a way to kickstart flow, also because ultimately I want to figure out how to encapsulate this research and advocate for a way to honor and awaken oneself to the way to use 'flow' to their advantage. It was too complex and uniquely personal but I've compiled a lot of resources. Stories will also be added to the when they're ready.

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