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Occutry Virtual Internships


Mary Iwanski



School Administrators


United States

Transformation Element:


Occutry Virtual Internships are sets of curriculum, developed in conjunction with companies, to provide internship opportunities to students who would be otherwise unable to access internships (location, age, transportation, etc). These virtual internships engaged students in the real world skills the companies deemed most important to expose kids to, and provide authentic opportunities for kids to practice test out jobs. Early exposure to careers has the potential to help students make wiser course work choices in order to maximize their high school experience. Occutry Virtual Internships are all developed alongside companies and professionals to ensure that each video illustrates the career pathway and job requirements, and each assignment reflects what the students hear in the video. The goal is to have the students learn from the real people doing these jobs and practice skills that aren't just for an assignment but also career exploration.

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