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Febriandrini Kumala



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Transformation Element:


Teacher, what do we learn mathematics for? I want to become a famous illustrator, I will create more pictures not count." This question came from one of my students who felt that mathematics got no relation at all to the professions they wish to do in the future. Usually, I will answer this question with concrete proofs on how mathematics exists in every profession in future lives. The emergence of this question has made me to reflect back to the way I teach or deliver lessons in the class. If students are not able to perceive how mathematics would be useful in their future lives, it means I have not been succeeded in making mathematics to have important meanings for themselves. To me, mathematics is actually one of languages to communicate. The same as I say my opinions and thoughts in Bahasa Indonesia or English, I can deliver them in mathematical language. One of the reasons why students dislike mathematics is that they are unable to see the benefits of having mathematics in their lives, or for their future professions. That is why it is imperative for teachers to provide meanings in every mathematics lesson. Therefore, students are able to have new perspectives and see that learning mathematics is not to make them to become a calculator, but to be mathematicians with critical and creative minds. The challenge is how to integrate mathematics with other subjects and technology so that teachers are able to bring more meanings in mathematics. Not just how to show the meanings of symbols, formulas and numbers in maths, but also to make students feel meaningful in their communities. If you wish to participate with this project, you can look into our blog Math Linked You can also submit your projects or collaborate with us as coaches to guide other educators in delivering meaningful mathematics lessons in their classes. You can engage with us through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page, and Youtube Live. Looking forward to have more educators on board!!

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