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Improving the GCSE English and maths resit experience


Scott Hayden



School Administrators


United Kingdom

Transformation Element:


* As a college we have moved our focus away from the student fixating on achieving a Grade 4 or higher. * We have a focused intention on improving the individual and helping them improve their Personal Best rather than fixating on the 4 or higher ('Pass' grade). * In 18/19 we had increased student retention in Maths and english, a higher pass rate, and a better overall progress against the starting point for our learners * A settled teaching team in Maths with focused help from Learning Technologist Charlie James had a positive impact * Staff changes in the English Teaching team disrupted the excellent progress by this team who have shown real openness to adapting their approach The new methods are having a positive impact on both staff and students and we are continuing to focus on increased happiness and 1-1 time being created for students in their English and maths lessons.

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