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Christina Dimicelli



School Administrators


United States

Transformation Element:


We are obsolete. Kids are using tech and moving in digital worlds in ways we don’t understand. How do we keep current and understand digital language, motivations, and social lives of students so we can better shape their learning experiences positively? We can start by having students teach educators how they live and move in the digital environment. Educators teach students how their brains interact within this environment. Together, we lessen the fear of teens using technology and find the middle ground that is balanced and healthy. High school students have the opportunity to lead a cell phone free day at school and find ways to be leaders in their online environments. The impacts can be positive and far-reaching. It is time to be bold and learn from and about each other. Let students take the lead in teaching what they know and finding ways to have strong positive impacts - especially digitally. Time to be open to what the students have to show and teach you. Let go of some of your fear and find ways to work together for positive impact. This project is a work in progress as students are currently helping to shape and build the final product(s).

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