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Filming ENGLISH!


Elena Vercher Ribis



Classroom Teachers



Transformation Element:


Welcome to Filming English!! Thanks for passing by! This is a website we've created for the Google Certified Innovators' program with the help of Matt Hayes so that every teacher can use it with their students. It starts with all of the steps we need to follow when creating our own movies. Creating content as short films or other audiovisual materials are important when we want our students to exploit their knowledge on their own Mother Tongue or a Foreign Language by communicating and interacting with it. This project is thought to be applied to groups of three-four students of ages between 6 to 99. We hope it'll be useful and that you'll be able to create loads of films with your students. They can use it by themselves following all of the steps included. If you would like a copy of the pretest or the post test, you can click on them and If you use it in class, please, use the hashtag #FilmingEnglish so that you can keep us posted with your improvements! We can't wait to see your creations! :)

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