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Ian Stenz



School Administrators



Transformation Element:


The future is changing fast, but the school is stuck in industrial thinking whit a sit-down, listen, and learn approach. The logic is that the more knowledge the student can repeat, the better it is. But we don't need students that can recreate already known knowledge. We need students that can take the knowledge and create new knowledge whit it. We need students that have strategies to work in teams and solve problems fast and effective. But how do we do that whit an industrial curriculum that we are forced to enforce? Whit DoThinkDesing, we help you to make a structured problem-based lesson whit our digital platform. Which guide you and your students safely through the process. No more bad teamwork, no more chaos, and whit the structure we help you as an administrator and teacher, that you will fulfill your curriculum. But at the same time, you will create creative problem-solvers for the future.

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