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Cultivating Global Citizens Through Virtual Reality


Christine Lion Bailey



School Administrators


United States

Transformation Element:


The project, Cultivating Global Citizens Through Virtual Reality, provides teachers the opportunity to use virtual reality to build capacity in their students around global awareness and empathy. These students are able to see a world far beyond their own community by using VR to eliminate all boundaries that separate them from their global counterparts. In a world where, despite the unlimited access that is present, students are becoming increasingly disconnected from the global counterparts it is the necessity of the educators to ensure that meaningful connections are made and sustained. Many of today's youth are introverted and unaware of the global challenges faced by many of their peers. By leveraging the power of virtual reality, we as educators can immerse our students in a learning that is unparalleled in a traditional classroom. We can eliminate the barriers that exist separating communities and cultures and foster globally aware and empathetic future citizens.

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