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Crea tu clase interdisciplinar


Oscar Andrés Calderón Bedoya



Classroom Teachers



Transformation Element:


This is a space created for the design of classes or projects where the development of the interdisciplinarity of knowledge can be encouraged, in this case from three fundamental areas: art, science and literature. From the selection of an activity in science, another in art and another in literature, having as resources some types of famous experiments, works or paintings and the writings of authors recognized in the world, the teacher can generate at the end of his selection, a guide to work in class a certain topic (history of Colombia, derivatives, the atom) from three perspectives. For example, if a professor of Science wishes to work on the theme of the periodic table, he can generate the guide as follows: 1. Science (Research): what chemical elements are more volatile to generate liquid states such as oil? 2. Art: From the use of the periodic table, what elements predominate in La Gioconda painting? 3. Literature: what elements of the periodic table are in the sea, in the story of García Márquez, and how do these influence the process of decomposition of a body? As you can see, through the theme of the periodic table you can generate spaces where science, art and literature are involved while the student recognizes thematic aspects proposed by the area teacher. It should be noted that this page will continue to be built from the teaching experiences, the results that the students present, and from the constant evolution of the technological tools that allow generating a greater impact in the classrooms of the 21st century.

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