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Cidade da Ciência


Thais Eastwood Vaine



Classroom Teachers



Transformation Element:


Cidade da Ciência is a collaborative platform for curating learning territories in Curitiba and the Metropolitan Region. The intention is to encourage people to always look at places with the intention of learning. We want to bring together a collection of expeditions and non-formal and informal learning points and people interested in sharing places, institutions, projects, pathways, immersions… We want to share all the learning opportunities that territories contain! And learning beyond the curriculum, learning for life. Cultural expansion and citizenship. If we have created the custom of mapping places with tools like Foursquare, Google Maps (and Google Local Guides), TripAdvisor, and so on, why not encourage mapping with the intention of learning something besides knowing a good restaurant or a hotel and in addition to leisure activities? How about we map possibilities of different learning experiences?

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