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Chief Innovation Officer Program - Cohort 2


Lisa Delapo



School Administrators


United States

Transformation Element:


The Krause Center for Innovation’s Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) program is an exciting, new addition to our professional development menu. Created in partnership with CUE, this leadership opportunity is designed to meet the needs of educators seeking to explore educational change and elevate their professional practice. Schools and districts have an urgent mandate to prepare students for a rapidly evolving world, and CIOs can play a pivotal role guiding the educational and technological planning processes for their districts. CIOs also play an integral part in developing and maintaining of 21st century learning environments. The CIO program helps prepare educators for these roles. Today’s CIOs must develop multi-faceted skills, in which best practices in teaching and learning are foundational. CIO program participants will develop a deep understanding of educational innovation related to curriculum and instruction, technology infrastructure, strategic planning, and leadership. Graduates of the program will come away fully prepared to lead and empower teams to modernize their schools and districts.

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