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Attenti a Quei 2


Alessandro Bencivenni



Teachers / Coaches



Transformation Element:

Professional Development, Technology, Community & Family Engagement

"Attenti a Quei 2" is a new professional development format for italian teachers. Alessandro and Daniele agreed that Professional development is a necessary effort for teachers and educators, but formal settings such as conferences, webinars and workshops are often boring and repetitive. Their challenge was finding a new format that could be effective but friendly and fun.
The now offer free PD sessions to the members of their community (more than 60,000 educators), but in a friendlier way, always keeping a smile on their faces. That's how "Attenti a Quei 2" was born. It's not a webinar, it's not a show: it's a mix of the two.
They promote a growth mindset, they encourage creativity, and they strongly believe that lack of engagement is just as fatal for teachers as it is for students.

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