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21st Century Barn Raising: Building Innovative Learning Spaces with Free Digital Tools


Kyle Brumbaugh



School Administrators


United States

Transformation Element:


This project provides a blue print for schools to follow in creating an innovative learning space (MakerSpace, Fab Lab, STEAM Lab, etc.). Emphasis is placed on developing a structure that will provide the documentation teachers and school administrators will need to demonstrate that students are engaging in content directly related to content standards. The use of free Google tools (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Images, Forms, Drawings, Keep, Measure, YouTube, Science Journal, etc.) can all be used to document the process, test the product, the final result of the product students have created, and tell the story of their project. Educators can use the Google tools to collect data prior to the development of the space, publish the disaggregated data to teachers and community members, and provide opportunities for community members to collaborate in the development and support of the innovative learning space. Google tools can also be used to develop individual and school wide portfolios of the work going on in the space, so that the learning that takes place is visual and easily documented for school/district administrators and the community.

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