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VIA22 Mentors

Teacher & Student

Keri-Lee Beasley



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I am currently the High School Learning & Tech Coach at the Western Academy of Beijing. I have been involved in Instructional Coaching for 15 years, across Primary, Middle and High schools. I teach Design and I am an IDEAS Lead Teacher, which stands for Inclusion through Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism and Social justice. I am passionate about human-centred design in all its forms, especially Graphic Design. As a determined 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQIA+ ally, I supervise our school's Spectrum Club. Spectrum supports and celebrates the amazing LGBTQIA+ community at WAB. We educate others about ways to promote and spread inclusivity in classrooms and beyond. Outside of education, I am a passionate foodie who loves exploring the world one dish at a time.

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