VIA20 Mentors

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Tammy Lind

CHI '13

Milwaukee, USA


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I have been a mentor for two rounds of innovator academies. Here is the bio that I use: Tammy is an Instructional Coach in Southeastern Wisconsin. She is a Google Education Trainer and a Google Certified Innovator as well as an Intel Master Teacher. A former special education teacher, Tammy is passionate about finding web-based technologies to make the curriculum accessible to all learners. As the founding member of the Southeast Wisconsin Google Educator Group and the Southeast Wisconsin Instructional Coaching Network, Tammy is a leader in both her own school district and the educational community as a whole. As a result of that leadership, in 2017, Tammy received the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) “Making IT Happen” award. She has presented at various national conferences on using technology to “level the playing field” for our kids and loves to network with educators interested in integrating technology into our classrooms. Follow Tammy’s education adventures on Twitter: @TamL17