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Naomi Toland


Auckland, New Zealand


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My name is Naomi Toland and I am the founder of Empathetic Educators. I have spent the last few years continually developing my active inquiry around the areas of inclusion in the classroom. This has involved interviewing people in a variety of fields including neuroscience, behaviour, emotional regulation, design thinking, SEND and many more. These people have included John Hattie, Nathan Wallis, adult learners reflecting on their school life with Autism, Barbara Oakley and many more. Check out my YouTube channel here:

I am originally from Ireland, I taught for 3 years in London then moved to New Zealand and taught there for the past 3 years and and I am really excited to be moving to Japan to teach in 2020. I am very passionate about learning about different cultures to bring that into growing my awareness for others and use this to bring compassion and empathy into my teaching. I loved taking part in the #SEA19 cohort and joining the Google Innovators team last year and this allowed me to continue my inquiry and meet amazing passionate educators to grow my international tribe.

As human connection is a big part of my advocacy I created #Empathetic_Educators which is a biweekly chat where people from all around the world join to share their experiences. Check it out or join us here:

I am really excited to continue my journey with you and look forward to hearing all about your passions to grow together.