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Lucie deLaBruere


Mountainview, USA

English / French

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Lucie deLaBruere has 30 years of experience in K12, along with 10 years of experience in higher ed. Her passions are EQUITY and Creativity and Innovations in our schools. Her equity work has focused on empowering under-represented populations to gain confidence with Technology, including creating TechSavvy Girls who will be celebrating its 20th year anniversary this year. She is also committed to bridging gaps amplified in rural schools. Lucie 's business card reads "Ambassador of Creativity and Innovation" because she believes that ALL students deserve a school experience that is filled with opportunities to learn through Creating and Making. These opportunities need to be part of the school day, and not relegated to after school programming; they need to be accessible to students in all our public schools, not just to private schools or magnet schools; they need to be accessible to students who need interventions, not just those who have time for enrichment electives. Lucie's school in Vermont was one of the first schools to become a Google Apps school in 2008, and she continues to find creative ways to leverage Google tools to bridge equity gaps in our schools and promote creativity and innovation for all students.