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Galen Rosenberg


Forney, USA


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Educator for 15 years at the high school level with experience in CTE Media Arts and Communications courses. MS in educational tech leadership and Google Certified Educator/Trainer/Innovator from the SYD19 cohort. Built or rebuilt five extracurricular programs. Educational passions include environment design, connectivity equity, project-based learning, makerspaces/choose-your-own-learning, causing administrators to roll their eyes, and generally making education not suck! I have been described by students as "Jack Black's attractive brother", "the realest teacher I got", and "why don't you ever take a day off?"
In the off-campus world I'm a big outdoors and travel fan, sci-fi/fantasy freak, and tinkerer of all sorts. Long story short (too late), I've got broad interests and can find at least one way to connect with you. Probably many!
I speak geek and will listen when you need to rant. I'll be honest to you when you need it. I will do all I can to ensure that you are encouraged & supported and the awesome academy experience lasts your whole year.