VIA20 Mentors

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Cristian Ruiz Reinales


Zaragoza, España


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I enjoy my work, I do what I like the most and what I do best: teaching. I have worked in all educational stages and in all areas (public, private and concerted).

I am passionate about everything that has to do with the use of new technologies in a pedagogical way in the classroom, and especially those that promote a methodological change and that place students as protagonists of their own learning.

I consider it essential that our students learn programming and robotics from a very young age, in order to stimulate their thinking skills, in this case, computational thinking, which includes others such as lateral, logical and creative thinking.

Helping other colleagues to train or sharing my experience as ICT coordinator in different spaces is something that especially motivates me. I like being able to share with other teachers, just as I learned from so many others, and I continue learning.

Google Innovator. Passionate about GSuite technologies for education, I have done trainings for different groups in Google tools.