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Thomas Pulver


Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia

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Through a passion for innovative ideas, use of versatile technology tools, working professional learning teams and acting on research I feel I can develop a culture within my context of educators to constantly inquire and seek to improve their practice. I wish to contribute positively to communities of educators and students through the redefinition of contemporary engaging learning environments, which can respond to individual learner needs, equipping them for our ever changing society and workforce. The explosive growth and success of the Wagga Wagga GEG has brought to my attention the awesome value of professional learning networks and collaborative coaching. We have the will, the tools and capacity now in every Australian school to work smarter for our communities. The Google Certified Innovator program will provide me and my PLN the opportunity, partnerships and capacity we seek to turn our transformative aspirations and ideas into tangible realities.

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