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Suparna Mukherjee


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Digitally literate educators empowered with technological skills is surely the need of the hour and the challenge that I want to solve. Digital literacy and skills are essential for students in the 21st Century. Decades of research show that teachers play a pivotal role in making this happen for students. All around the world and in my personal experience as a Departmenthead for Digital literacy and Computers in a Google reference school which has recently transformed into 1:1 devices, I have seen that teachers/ educators aren’t always ready for such changes. While some are quick to adapt, too many are held back by: A) Because the themselves don’t have the knowledge/ skills yet B) They have a learning mindset but there is fear of technology in their classrooms C) They don’t know how to get information / support from organizations, peers or even easily available online resources Hence, to have digitally literate educators across subjects is a massive challenge. moreover, when that is the need of the hour.

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