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Monica Napier


United States

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In my current role I work with new teachers who are underprepared to teach in addition to having the lack of resources and training to teach students with technology. With so many districts struggling to fill vacancies school leaders have had to employ alternative pathways into the field of education. For instance, I have to create new teacher preparation courses but I notice that there’s no room to incorporate how to integrate technology in the classroom. This often leads to varying amounts of training which means that more and more first year teachers are showing up to classrooms with little to no preparation to help students utilize technology, but are provided with technology and expected to teach with fidelity with no formal training. According to the Learning Policy Institute, in 2021 more than 1 in 9 Texas teachers chose not to return for the 2021–22 school year. This means that not only are new teachers coming into the profession, there will be fewer veteran teachers to support new teachers, and it will be more critical for me to provide 1:1 training integrating technology. The Covid-induced shift has made technology essential, with an Edweek Research survey from 2021 showing 90% district leaders provide devices for all middle and high school students and 84% for elementary students underscoring the importance of technology for 21st-century learners. New Teachers need to know what tools are available to them, how those tools support their students' learning, where they can go to get support, and how to make sure their lessons align with the tools they use.

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