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Headshot Young Girl

John Wick


Long Beach, California, USA

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As a middle school educator, I have been witness to many instances of students demonstrating a lack of empathy for one another as well as for others outside the school. There are many causes for this apathy. These include our current modern culture, media, social media, technology, home environments, etc. This apathy and lack of empathy for fellow people can result in extreme events such as school shootings, fights, bullying, etc. On a smaller scale, this manifests in behavioral and academic performance issues within the school for the students and has the potential to affect them for life. In a recent class, a video was being shown about child labor and an adult hit a child on the back of the head in the video. over half the class laughed out loud when they witnessed this. They were unable to connect to the horror and reality that the child faced.

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