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STEM/STEAM/STREAM is essential to every student's education. STEM education goes beyond teaching Math, Science, Reading, Art, and Technology integration. STEM helps students acquire 21st-century skills and many other life and educational skills. It also adds to the students’ personalities, and better prepare them to be the innovators of the future. STEM makes education more relevant and engaging for students when implemented successfully and systematically. Incorporating STEM into the curriculum needs planning, research, and support. Unfortunately, many schools are hesitant to focus on STEM in the classroom. Educators also lack the materials, curriculum resources, and support and guidance needed to incorporate STEM into their lessons. When I look at the challenges from a wider lens, it also includes issues related to planning, time and pacing, assessment, and the workload that the teacher has to process primarily if they are not technology savvy or Science/Math experts! Lack of teachers’ expertise is a critical challenge and a lack of budget.

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