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Francesca Mazzoni


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Many students nowadays are not interested in learning, they are often bored, they do not pay attention, and they are very passive during classes: this behaviour is very detrimental to their school performance. As their teachers, our mission is not only to fill them up with new concepts and knowledge, we have to drive a change in their behaviour, and give them abilities and competencies that are made of all the knowledge they gain by studying all the different subjects they have each year. Many teachers don't feel this problem is theirs, they perceive it as only belonging to the students. In my opinion that is the wrong way to go: we have to guide our students, be able to motivate them and give them the means to learn on their own, even when we won't be with them anymore because school has to give you the means to excel in your life when you grow and you become an adult. In my opinion, digital tools can be very beneficial to gain students' attention and in this way, our students will gain better performance. It is not easy to convince a teacher that doesn't use digital tools to make the leap into the multimedia world. Many of them still only rely on books as a means to convey new concepts to students. I'm not advocating book elimination, far from it, but there are a plethora of different tools that can be used and can improve students' performance. For instance let's think of students with Specific Learning Disorders, and how they can benefit from apps instead of simple books. Furthermore, different cognitive styles have to be taken into consideration and digital tools cover many different styles thus being better for certain students.

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