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Diana Bachtiar


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I have been in early childhood fields for almost 14 years and I have seen that early childhood has less Professional Development classes that aligns or connects with technology use or that knowledge can be adapted easily by preschool teachers. Therefore, I have seen that many Early Childhood Educators have difficulty applying digital use when teaching remotely. Not to mention there is no prior understanding of using computers in class to teach preschools. On top of that, there are many workshops/trainings for teachers that are more suitable for K-12 teachers/educators and so hard to be used for teaching young children. When questioned, most early childhood teachers have low urgency and or motivation to join professional developments as they find that the materials given are not suitable for their classes. The lockdown has given teachers an understanding to befriend with technology, to apply technology for online teaching. Yet, some features of technology are not suitable for preschool age children, and so preschool teachers have to create the teaching materials from paper and pencils. That's really time consuming. I believe if early childhood educators have been given contextual and meaningful training in the form of professional developments, they would be more than ready to teach remotely or to apply technology in class. By doing so, their work is going to be more effective and efficient.

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