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Danni Stone


New Zealand

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Twice a week, our students visit the local high school to receive specialist instruction. The reason for this is twofold: to support their transition from middle to high school and to use the science and technology labs/ specialist teachers that we do not have the resources for. My school is just one of eight who visit the high school each week. My school has 6 middle school teachers whose students are put into new, mixed classes at the high school which rotate around 7 specialist teachers every ten weeks. It is a challenge to keep track of which teacher is responsible for which child, and there are few avenues of communication in place. This lack of communication means we are not sharing information. We middle school teachers often need to physically visit the classes to get a clear understanding of their current project, but the majority of us are not on-site at the high school. At the same time, the specialist teachers are given very little information about the students in their classes each rotation, which makes differentiation in their teaching difficult. If we communicated better, not only could we improve student outcomes, but we could further support the transition between our schools.

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