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Anthony Casasnovas


New York, New York, USA

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There is still a lack of access to 21st century career pathways for students in under-served communities throughout the United States. This is especially true for rural communities and those with populations of immigrants and people of color who cling to ideals of “traditional” careers. Opportunities exist, but lack of exposure within their own families, friends and neighbors or feeling intimidated by potential workplaces devoid of employees who do not sound like or resemble those in their own community have widened this gap. I have experienced this a countless number of times with my own students and even within my own family. Experiences offered by schools often happen in silos and only a few students ever get to reap the benefits. I want to move the needle so more than a handful of traditionally under-served students are finding their way into the same careers afforded by their more privileged counterparts.

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