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Alana Em


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We currently have a decline in attendance and engagement within the West Australian community, very much so in our remote indigenous communities. The rate at which our indigenous culture is being forgotten and left untold is rising. The resources for teaching staff and school admin alike to teach cultural perspectives in a respectful and knowledgable manner are not sufficient. Our students of remote schools are falling behind in technology due to their geographical location and lack of exposure to Technology. Remote schools suffer from logistical issues with students unable to attend school for many reasons. Cultural reasons also see students stay away. Attendance has declined and projects have been underway to raise attendance. However the engagement much needed to increase student attendance is lacking. The shared pool of resources for all teaching staff when integrating cultural perspectives is varied and vastly spread. There is no one place to find viable, reliable and respectful content for the classroom, that has been reviewed and permission granted by elders for use. There is an evident lack of cultural understanding by a vast majority of all students in Western Australia. Attendance and engagement of students in the remote indigenous communities has plummeted and no project is currently capturing the preservation of cultural perspectives for future generations, a move which will see the knowledge lost as elders pass.

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