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Teach. Grow. Together.


Cynthia Nixon



School Administrators


United States

Transformation Element:


Teach. Grow. Together. recognizes the importance of quality collaboration and seeks to help educators teach and grow together. Maximizing the collective knowledge and skills of the educators at each school site can bring growth for every educator and will certainly affect student learning in a positive way. Teach. Grow. Together offers a tool kit that site leaders can use to gauge, and then improve the level of collaboration at their schools. The kit includes a website for each school that contains a survey to help administrators see how much collaboration is happening and to gain feedback on the culture of collaboration at their schools, a digital pineapple board to get teachers observing one another, a teacher profile survey and searchable database to help teachers get to know each other's strengths and areas of interest, and a resource page to help educators learn more about collaboration. The site also comes with a resource page for administrators only that gives them ideas for helping their teachers collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

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