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Ernie’s Mobile STEAM Lab


Leslie Fagin



School Administrators


United States

Transformation Element:


To meet the needs of teachers and students in my school district, I repurposed a school bus and turned it into a mobile STEAM lab. Ernie's Mobile STEAM lab has a flat screen TV, wifi, Chromebooks, a drone, a 360 degree camera, Makerspace, coding kits for various age groups, Google AR/VR kits, Lego robots, podcasting, Breakout EDU kits, and a 3D printer. The bus will also provide professional learning for teachers in our district so that they are able to implement STEAM activities in all curricular areas. The project has been a joint effort within the school system with support coming from the instructional technology department, transportation, maintenance, and federal programs. The bus was transferred to the instructional technology department to begin the whole process. I named the bus after my mother, Ernestine Fagin, who was a longtime paraprofessional in the school system. She was instrumental in starting many programs to serve the children in her school and worked tirelessly until a cancer diagnosis in 1999. She was unable to return to work and lost her battle with cancer in 2001. Ernie’s Mobile STEAM Lab is a way to honor her legacy.

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