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Class Websites By New York State Master Teachers


Carol LaRow



Teachers / Administrators



Transformation Element:

Technology, Professional Development, Learning Approach

Educators often need to post resources for parents, guardians, and students. Even if schools are using Google Classroom, there is a need to create a place to access additional resources and information. Classroom is used for interactions between teachers and students - submitting assignments, comments about assignments, rubrics, etc. There is also a need for parents/guardians to access announcements, curriculum outlines, schedules, course expectations, overviews of programs such as laptop/Chromebook/tablet initiatives, parent and student contracts, etc. In addition, having a class website helps promote a positive school culture. Teachers can open their classroom doors (figuratively), to show parents/guardians what is happening in class. Teachers can also showcase student work by publishing students’ projects online (Google Slides, Sites pages, Docs, Drawings, etc.) These home/school connections, via teachers’ class websites, are a great way to augment what is going on in the classroom.

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