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BioGrip, Non-restrictive Bionic Rehabilitation


Israel González López



Classroom Teachers



Transformation Element:


It is estimated that every thirty seconds an amputation is performed on a person due to illness or accident in the world, there is also a huge number of people with limb lack due to congenital situations, in all cases only 5% have access to a functional prosthesis, and the percentage of those who can access a bionic prosthesis is much lower due to its high cost. In a world where technology advances exponentially, and resources are easily accessible; "There should be no one who cannot access modern bionic rehabilitation for money" Thanks to what I learned in the program of certified innovators, I decided to carry out the development of high-tech and easily accessible bionic prostheses, thus the Biogrip project was born, which aims to offer Modern Bionic Rehabilitation through donation programs. This project's mission is to make Bionic Technology non-restrictive and put it at the service of humanity. BioGrip is a low-cost bionic arm, which can perform different types of grip thanks to its fingers with independent movements, non-skid palm and wrist with 180 ° adjustable rotation. The movements are controlled by electromyographic sensors with dry electrodes, which allow easy placement of the prosthesis and translate the electrical signals sent by the muscles to the processor which sends the instruction of precise movements to the fingers. Various materials with easy access were used for the development of this prosthesis and the electronics were optimized to ensure that the cost of the bionic prosthesis is equal to or even less than that of a conventional prosthesis and thus encourage the donation program. At the University, we impart creative thinking and 10X thinking courses to professors, students and administrative staff. We involve the community to contribute to the project with ideas, development, assembly, dissemination, obtaining resources and monitoring the candidates who will receive the prostheses.

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