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1:1 in Bulgarian Public Schools


Alexander Angelov



School Administrators



Transformation Element:


6 Bulgarian Public schools kicked-off with 1:1 projects in April 2019. 1:1 on chromebooks is very new to Bulgarian K12 education and opens a lot of challenges and questions: How teachers are to be prepared to educate learners of the 21st century, now the current digital infrastructure and environment can host a 1:1 project and if a school can be fully 1:1 and on what cost. The Minister of Education visited few of the schools in April and October 2019 and the Innovative Schools program of the Ministry of Education already supports schools running on Google Workspace for Education and 1:1. Innovators’ role is to provide a strong layer of support and management and communication to each and every school team and visibility to the project itself. The project also developed a case study, available on

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